When you have a virtual or a dedicated server, you will need to carry out more things to maintain it in shape compared to a shared website hosting account. It is because the shared hosting servers are handled by the host company, while with a standalone server you shall be the only one who controls thing. Examples of the tasks that you will have to do are installing server-side apps and keeping them up-to-date, overseeing the web server and rebooting it when necessary, etc. If you do not have time for this kind of tasks, nevertheless, or in case you haven't had a server of your own and you feel unclear about what exactly you must do, you may use our optional administration services. When you do this, our system admins shall handle all of these additional tasks for you, so you'll be able to concentrate on your sites and to enhance them, as a way to get more visitors and potential clients without needing to spend time and efforts on details.

Administration Services in VPS

The admin services can be added to any of our Linux VPS either during the signup procedure or later via the billing CP. Our system administrators can certainly help you with a lot of tasks - they can do regular backups on a separate server so that you'll have a copy of your content if anything bad happens; they're able to update the OS running on the machine to keep it safe and stable; they can keep track of the processes on the machine and reboot the latter if needed; they are able to install and troubleshoot third-party applications if you are not able to do this yourself. Depending on the tasks you prefer to perform yourself and on the tasks which you wish to leave to our admins, you can either get all these things simultaneously as part of one package, or you can get them one by one as separate services.

Administration Services in Dedicated Hosting

The administration services feature a wide variety of tasks our system admins can conduct on your dedicated server, whichever plan you've picked upon signup. They can be added simultaneously to your account, you can also order them individually, depending on what obligations you want to assign to the administrator team. The tasks include weekly OS updates that shall keep the server stable and risk-free, tracking and restarting procedures if any software issue appears, content backups on a different server on a weekly basis and any other custom task that you might require. The last service is available for as long as you require it, so even if you need to install several programs or to troubleshoot a number of scripts, for example, our administrators will help you in a very timely and expert manner.